Movie Shark Deblore
September, 2006

“Burr's greatest gift is his ability for humanizing something as inhuman as a war and here, does so eloquently and tacitly.”

MovieWeb Reel Advice
August 3, 2006

“Quite possibly the best World War II film ever released . . . and Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks had absolutely nothing to do with it. Spielberg is watching this and gnashing his teeth in a mixture of awe and horror . . . asking how on earth he didn’t think of this first.”

– Steve Anderson

Joe Horror

Joe Horror
July, 2006

“A tense, haunting journey . . . supernatural vibe that sets you on edge. An honest, engaging indie film overflowing with heart.”

— Brian Harris

Polly Staffle

Polly Staffle
July, 2006

“The feel of a big budget epic that dives head first into the subject and shows the difference better than any film. It’s beautiful and extremely surreal . . . the eerie sights and sounds are almost nonstop.”

Washington Times
June 8, 2006

“Director and writer Jeff Burr scores a major breakthrough with his harrowing, hallucinatory war movie. It’s our . . . DVD pick of the week.

Dalton Daily

Dalton Daily Citizen
June 7, 2006

“From the fine score to the impressive set design and the brilliant photography, everything comes together to make a challenging and entertaining movie.”

— Jimmy Espy
June 6, 2006

“Well-executed and smartly produced . . . Jeff Burr manages to make the familiar fresh. An unspoken supernatural air . . . recalling The Beguiled, the Clint Eastwood Civil War Gothic thriller. RECOMMENDED RENTAL”

— George Schmidt

Entertainment Insiders

Entertainment Insiders
June 5, 2006

“Mature and fast paced . . . The concept is solid. The acting elevates the competent material.”

— Jonathan W. Hickman

LA Splash

LA Splash Magazine Feature
June 5, 2006

“An Eerie, Gripping Tale.”

— Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

North Texas Haunts
June, 2006

“Lovingly photographed in the muted colors of winter . . . combined with the score make this far and away a most memorable film . . . one of the most captivating war dramas I have EVER seen. It is obvious this was a work of love for Jeff Burr. One could not ask for more.”

Film Threat

Film Threat
May 29, 2006

“In the stylistic tradition of Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line blended with the contemplative imagery of Robert Frost and the darker ponderings of Edgar Allan Poe . . . An artistry that distinguished Burr from other filmmakers.”

— Stina Chyn

Independent Film Critics

Independent Film Critics
May 26, 2006

“A whirlwind of feelings will overcome you while you witness the struggle of war and survival as it propels the psychological make-up of the soldiers’ characters and forces them on.”

— K. Wilson

Video Business

Video Business
April 24, 2006

“This ain’t your father’s war movie. Burr successfully brings horror conventions to the war genre. The cast gives its all, with Warner leading the way as a gruff Frenchman who says a mouthful without speaking, which is actually a pretty fair way of describing the film as a whole.”

— Buzz McClain

Leonid Mamchenkov

Blog of Leonid Mamchenkov
September 4, 2005

“One of the best films that I’ve seen recently . . . how movies are supposed to be . . . a good story and excellent cinematography . . . very striking and thought provoking. Highly recommended.”

— Leonid Mamchenkov

CJLO Underground Radio

CJLO Underground Radio
July 14, 2005

“A war epic on the same scale as other Hollywood war films . . . framed so perfectly and exact . . . darker more experimental mental imagery . . . a spellbinding story, both sad and beautiful.”


FantAsia Film Festival
Film showed July 11th, 2005

“Visually adventurous and almost experimental in spots, Burr’s film avoids all the conventions of war movie blandness. It’s an original and surprising take on the genre, one made with refreshing intelligence and artistry.”

— Jonathon Doyle

Kansas City Star
September 10, 2004

“A horrifying descent into violence and madness worthy of Goya . . . Unexpectedly moving, with terrific performances, hair-raising action scenes, and mood that just won’t quit.”

— Robert Butler


May 25, 2004

“A heady brew of redemptive themes by way of Joseph Conrad, with editing and camera work from the playbooks of Orson Welles and Sam Peckinpah.”

— Robert Koehler

Los Angeles Times
May 20, 2004

“Strikingly original and eerily compelling . . . the exhilaration of classic tragedy.”

— Kevin Thomas

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle
March 26, 2004

“The feel of Edgar Allan Poe having shanghaied Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe and marched them through his fevered imagination . . . such atmosphere and tension that we can’t run from it.”

— Robert Faires

Film showed March 13 & 15, 2004

“Inhabited by powerful actors, these characters are all so engaging that one cannot help but become involved in their story.”

— Noah Passovoy

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle
March 27, 2005

“A sleeper hit . . . a gritty, hard-hitting war tale with disturbing supernatural overtones.”

— John Stanley
March 19, 2004

“A damn solid war movie . . . an anti-violence parable . . . a memorably mesmerizing visual experience . . . sincere and heartfelt artistry.”

— Scott Weinberg

HBS Entertainment, Inc.
March 9, 2004

“Stick to your vision NO MATTER WHAT . . . have an incredibly competent, ENTHUSIASTIC, SUPPORTIVE producing team. I was an am blessed with Mark Hannah, Chuck Williams, Will Huston and Chris Gore.”

Kodak InCamera

Kodak InCamera
October, 2002

“A cold, desaturated, but sharp feeling of conflict . . . extreme and unusual angles and handheld camera-work to bring the viewer into the action.”